Want to keep visitors on your website or landing page? You need a video.

June 7, 2017

Landing pages are a great opportunity to market your product or service to your visitors. You can either bore them with tons of text and images or get them hooked using a video on your landing page.


A landing page is any page a person “lands” on by clicking a link – whether in an email, search engine, website, social media or anywhere else on the web. The person who arrives at your landing page is likely to be interested in what you have to offer. Your aim now could be to have him fill a form, e-mail you, place an order, provide you with his contact details and information or buy from your e-commerce site. The bottom like is that you need to capture this visit and convert it to a lead which you can pursue.

Videos on a landing page are a great engagement medium. They do not require as much effort as reading, scrolling or clicking on buttons and images. YouTube is the world’s 2nd most popular search engine, people love TV, and attention spans are continually getting lower. Why? People are lazy and like to watch instead of read. Moving pictures are naturally more interesting and help tell a story better than static images. Visitors stay longer on pages that have video and they also assimilate information more easily than by reading.

People are spending more time online and on mobiles than ever before.

Research is being done on the internet and buying decisions are being made based on online information. Even the TV/Film/Video watching habits of people have moved online. Now everything is fragmented – your 30 second landing page video or 2 minute product demo video has become your ad.

You have free digital media – your own website, your WhatsApp, your social channels, the internet at large where anything worth sharing goes viral and gets free media. You also have Pay Per Click ads like YouTube pre-roll ads, using which you can get on the same smart-TV screen that the big brands are paying millions to traditional TV channels to be featured on – the playing field is almost level now.

Almost all good businesses and sites now have a video explaining the company/business/product/service/website/app/brand.

A video symbolizes business prestige! If your site features a video then it is seen as one of the better companies. The better the production quality of the video, the better will be the impression on your customer. Complicated businesses and products that need to be described using many paragraphs and pages can be explained very easily through an explainer video. How? Video is visual and auditory. You can give different information through both senses to get your message across more quickly.

Animation allows you to make great videos and tell grand stories at lower budgets than live shot videos. You don’t need to hire expensive actors, models or directors. Your creativity and coolness is limited only to your imagination. Animation for business is also great as it helps give a human touch to the cold, hard facts of business which is why you see so many videos online that make use of whiteboard animation to explain complex products and services.

Explainer videos are so good at explaining and are evolving so fast, that it’s possible that they will replace lessons and teachers.

If you feel your business could benefit from a video, please e-mail us your requirements at [email protected]. If you think you need a video, contact us to get a free quote.

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