Explainer Videos For Companies In Bangalore

Ripple Animation has been creating explainer videos for companies across India since 2014. Our explainer video animation studio is in Mumbai, where arguably the best talent is available, but our clients are all across the country. We have trained our writers, directors, visualizers and animators to create explainer videos that drive business results for clients. The idea is to make memorable explainer videos that helps convert prospects, educate clients and train internal teams to become more productive.

We have a strong base of clients in Bangalore. Watch these videos to see some of the work we’ve done in Bangalore.

Zest Money

Zest Money

Zest Money needed to spread awareness about its loan product and showcase that their app was easy to use and convenient. Ripple created a video ad that could be displayed on social media platforms and also served as an explainer video.

Amazon - Manual & Automated Targeting

Amazon | Manual & Automated Targeting

Amazon needed an explainer video to show advertisers how to run automatic and manual targeting campaigns. Ripple was commissioned to create and easy to understand and engaging explainer video with a mix of 2D animation and screenshots.

Ernst and Young

E&Y, Advisory Knowledge

Ernst & Young needed to get its employees to contribute to and learn from its internal knowledge center. The idea being that the firm could become more efficient through shared learning. Ripple was commissioned to create an explainer video to get this point across to the firm's consultants.



PE Funded, Sironix, a large player in the surgical equipment manufacturing space needed an explainer video which showed how its product would be used in a surgery. We had to go the animated route to avoid showing any blood and gore. This animated explainer video was widely used by doctors to show patients what the surgery entailed.


Happ | For Consumers

The Apollo Hospital Group has created an app called HAPP. HAPP connects patients to doctors, diagnostic centers and path labs. The app also manages these interactions, keeps records, fills prescriptions and sets reminders. We created a white-board explainer video to show consumers the benefits of using the app.