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The pen might be mightier than the sword, but an explainer video beats them both. Learn more about why an explainer video can be essential to your brand's growth and success.


How You Can Use Explainer Videos To Win Big.

Here are some ways in which you can use animated explainer videos to achieve your business goals

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Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a great way to showcase how your product or service solves your customers' problems and the benefits it offers. It's also a good idea to demonstrate how your product is superior to those of your competitors.
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Product Demos

Use a product explainer video upfront on your website or landing page. It's much easier for your visitors to understand your offering via a short video than to read paragraphs of information. Make sure that your video quickly establishes the problem your product is solving, how it is solving the problem and discuss the benefits of using your product. The shorter you keep this video, the more likely it is that viewers will watch the whole video.
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'How to' Videos

If you want to show how awesome your product is, you can do a product walkthrough, a 'how to' video or a product demo video.
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Training Videos

These explainer videos ensure that the training you provide is standardized. Your teams can watch these videos in their own time or refer to them quickly as and when they need to. Training videos can be broken out into modules so that the content becomes easy to 'digest'.
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Sales Support

Your sales team needs collateral to help make appointments and convert potential customers. Sales support videos could demonstrate how your product works, why it's a product worth paying for and how your clients will increase their ROI by using your product.
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Engagement Videos

You may need to engage with your target audience on social channels. Tell them about your product, service or industry trends in a way that appeals to them. Create characters, weave stories, make people laugh and keep them interested so that they come back for more.
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Case Study Videos

Let the world know about your business successes. Your company then stands a chance to become the thought leader in your industry. What better way to showcase your success than through easy to understand video case studies?
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Thought Leadership

Show off your domain knowledge and improve you SERP results by creating explainer videos that showcase your expertise.
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Ads For Digital

You'll need an ad to drive people to your website or landing page. Video ads are the most effective.
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Recruitment Videos

People are the backbone of any organization. Recruiting the talent you need isn't always easy, especially given the competition out there. Create videos that showcase your company culture and the benefits of working at your organization. Use these videos for campus recruitment initiatives, on the 'Career' page of your website, on LinkedIn and any other recruitment platforms you work with.
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Funding Videos

Your start-up may need a round of funding. And for that you may need publicity. Or you may need to get your start-up in front of the press, analysts and investors. A well-crafted video can be a powerful tool to engage with your often jaded target audience.
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Newsletter Videos

Nothing coverts like explainer videos. Open rates increase when people see video content. Most people can't resist clicking on the play button.
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Social Channels

Leverage the level of micro targeting offered by most social networks to gain relevant viewers for your video. These viewers can turn into potential customers.
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Presenting Research

Presenting complicated research findings and your hypothesis becomes difficult via a brochure or research document. In comparison, a video serves as a much more effective and engaging medium.
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E-mail Signature Videos

Use your business explainer video in employees' email signatures. This way, clients and potential clients who each of your employees reach out to on a daily basis, will have the opportunity to watch your video. They are likely to click on the play button, enhancing your visibility.