Our Proven Process

Our video creation process aligns the client's team and ours at every stage, ensuring that your explainer video is released on time and meets business objectives.


What are the steps in the explainer video process?

The Written Brief


The most critical part of the explainer video process is making sure that your team and ours are aligned. We have created a precise questionnaire, which your team will fill out and which will help our team understand your product or service, the message you need to get across and who you are talking to through this explainer video.

The Briefing Call


Once our team has gone through the written brief, we will schedule a call with your key stakeholders to answer any questions we may have and to ensure that we understand the nuances of your communication needs.

The Concept


There may be a creative layer that we need to think through before getting into the core of the explanation. If this is the case, we will send you proposed concepts.

The Script


We will work out an audio and video section for your script. You will now know exactly what the proposed visual is for every line in the script.

Art Style & Voice Over Options


We will send you proposed art styles based on your brand guidelines and voice over samples based on your accent preferences.

The Storyboard


We will send you a PowerPoint presentation which will show you exactly what the visual will be for each line of the voice over. At this stage, you will know exactly what the film is going to look like.



We will animate the storyboard - adding expressions, movement, supers et al.

Sound Post


We will add the background music, VFX if any, level the volumes and voila, your explainer video is ready.