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Animated explainer videos will help your company stand out. From explainer videos to corporate storytelling, studies show that combining visual and auditory stimuli will help your audience retain your message better. Video generates more clicks and longer engagement times than text based content and images.

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5 Reasons Explainer Videos Are Must Haves!

We've created videos that drive business for brands all over the world

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Ripple Animation focuses on creating animated videos which drive business results. We’ve worked with some of the largest multinationals across the globe to help them engage with key stakeholders. Check out our animated video production showreel for a view of what we’ve done for our clients.


Our Videos



IT firm, Appcino launched a customizable CRM that could be plugged into the Appian platform, creating unprecedented efficiencies for businesses which used Appian. Ripple created an explainer video to demonstrate the benefits of going with Appcino's CRM software.

Amazon - Sponsored Products


Amazon needed an explainer video to explain how sponsored products worked and how advertisers could review performance. Ripple created a video driven by 2D animation and screenshots.



Zycus needed an explainer video to showcase how its invoice matching product worked. Ripple created an animated explainer which highlighted the problems that potential customers faced and showed how the product solved these issues.

Vodafone's IOT Pulse

Vodafone's IOT Pulse

Vodafone had launched a new app for its employees across the world that allowed them to collaborate on IoT (Internet of Things). Ripple was tasked to create a video for the launch of this app.


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Animation is one of the most popular ways to tell your story visually. If you're interested in learning more about our business or how you can use animation to grow yours, tell us about your business in the form below and we'll help you get started!