What Are Animated Sales & Marketing Videos?

It wasn’t very long ago that sales and marketing had virtually nothing in common. They used different tools, employed different tactics, and tracked different metrics. They even sat in different parts of the office at most companies.

The marketing industry is changing rapidly, forcing marketers to change their tactics. One of the tactics marketers are adopting is video. Prospects who view videos of a product are 85% more likely to buy it. Engage your users in a way that no other marketing can with video.

You need an animated video company on your side. You need the team at Ripple Animation.

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Who should seek animated sales & marketing videos?

Every good company knows that creating brand awareness is critical to growing your business, but making your business stand out from the others is even more important. Animated marketing videos, or cartoons, are an excellent way to increase engagement and retain more customers.

Animated video can help you tell your story in a more comprehensive way. It’s no surprise that 65% of people are visual learners. Did you know that including an animated video on a landing page can increase conversions by upwards of 80%?

Ripple Animation is an animated video production company here to bring your vision to life. Our team is trained to create a memorable, engaging marketing campaign that will reach more customers.

Benefits of using animated videos

Animated marketing videos:

Tell Your Story Better Through Video

Sales & marketing videos are used extensively by brands across the world. If you’re interested in learning more about our business or creating marketing videos, tell us about your business in the form below and we’ll help you get started!