Working with Ripple has been a great experience. They put in the time up front to understand our product and our market, so the creative phase went very smoothly. Ripple’s script was spot-on, and they were able to create a unique set of visuals to go with it. The Ripple team was gracious and professional, giving valuable advice and guidance throughout the process.
Priyanka Bapna
Knowledge Leader | EY Advisory
We worked with Ripple to create the first non-traditional video for a client, and the process was easy, creative and cost-effective. We showcased the resulting video at a major industry event, and the response was extremely positive. Would recommend Ripple and will use them for other clients in the future.
Toni Eberhardt
Marketing Consultant
We were the client from hell. We missed review deadlines, we changed our minds after approving things, we were awful. But Ripple took it all in stride and calmly moved us forward, step by step, through a simple but comprehensive process from ideation to fit and finish. The final result is so smooth; you’d never know what we put them through to get there.
David Karp
CMO | Orbitera Inc
We needed to get our message across to potential clients in a quick and easy way. Ripple was able to do that while making it entertaining and fresh through the characters and backgrounds they created as well as the camera angles that were deployed. The video was used extensively for marketing and helped open many doors for us.
Madan Sanglikar
MD | AD2Campaign
We worked with Ripple to create a video series to raise $100 million for IIT (Madras). Ripple's offshore team was a delight to work with. They asked the right questions, gave useful suggestions & delivered videos that hit an emotional cord, encouraging almuni to give back to their alma matter.
Swaroop Kolluri
Ex General Partner,
New Enterprise Associates
The best thing I liked about the team is the synchronized effort, they put in for any assignment and their promptness in retaliation of your request in anything. They have endless audacity to re-iterate your requirement, which is the best thing for creating a creative content. They perfectly understood my vision about the video and the result they provided is 90% accurate with my imagination. So I highly recommend them for the elements of the brand building exercise.
Pratik Chopra
Founder | Traddle
It was a pleasure to work with the Ripple team because they understood our offering and what we needed to communicate perfectly. The concepts & scripts they presented were spot on - it was hard to pick one. Their studio in Mumbai executed the idea exactly as they had said they would.
Jessica Pilat
VP Marketing | BAO