What Are Explainer Videos?

From learning how to use a particular app on your smartphone, to unraveling how your vacuum cleaner works, why a particular cocoa bean has a richer flavour than another, or even how a particular beer is bottled, explainer videos can cover just about any product and service.

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Who should seek explainer videos?

If you have a message you want to deliver to a potential customer, then an explainer video is your answer. The beauty of animated explainer videos is that they allow you to push your boundaries and show aspects that are difficult to show in real time. For example it's hard to show the entire process that takes place in a factory and the work done to get a finished product. With an animated explainer video however, these visual references are easy to animate. They are a mere representation of the behind-the scenes working. This is why many clients prefer animated videos to live action explainer videos.

Benefits of explainer videos

They take your complicated message and simplify it for your viewer. They speak in a language that is easy to understand and show relevant visuals at the same time. This technique captures the viewers’ auditory and visual senses together and they are able to understand and retain the message.

In other words explainer videos are the link between a message sent and a message received.

Get in touch and tell us what you want to communicate. Once you have briefed us, our creative team will come up with a concept script. That's when the fun begins.


The pricing varies depending on the type of animation you choose as well as the detail required in the characters and in the background.

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