Explainer Videos

Just as the name suggests, an explainer video explains how a business, or product works. It communicates with viewers in a simple and straight forward manner so that they have a better understanding of your brand and what you have to offer. From learning how to use a particular app on your smartphone, to unraveling how your vacuum cleaner works, why a particular cocoa bean has a richer flavour, or even how a particular beer is bottled — explainer videos can cover just about any product and service.

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Marketing Videos

Marketing videos are basically an interactive and effective modern day sales person with an edge. To begin with they have complete access to customers — A foot in the door to their homes via the internet. A marketing video usually does not talk about a brand or company at large, but instead focuses on a particular product, service or offer one wants to promote at that particular time.

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Thought Leadership Videos

Thought leadership videos are a great way to showcase your expertise in your line of business. These videos can help potential customers understand the value your company brings to the table. They also provide credibility, especially if you have worked with well-known brands that people recognize. It's important that these videos are well shot and engaging. It’s also best to keep them as short as possible since attention spans are fast shrinking as more and more content populates the world wide web. Having said that, if your audience is a niche one and is looking for the type of solution you provide, they may give you more time to explain ideas and concepts. Here's an example.

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Digital Video Content

In case you haven’t noticed, the world wide web is becoming more and more visuals. What does this mean for brands? Just images or even infographics may not do the trick. Brands need to come up with visual content that connects with consumers. And what’s more visual than video content? If brands can crack a video content strategy, figure out how to get budgets for it and produce the content at an acceptable cost, you have a winning proposition.

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Whiteboard Animation

This is a simple animation technique that is extremely popular among brands across the world. It is both cute as well as creative, as you see the characters and other images being drawn out as the narrative takes place. In a way you can see the words, or background music come to life as the visual is constructed before your eyes. It is also a technique that most of us are familiar with since it is similar to a classroom blackboard that most of us have grown up with. Many companies also use whiteboards in their office meetings, so the brain is used to receiving the visual message in this manner. Click here to view an example of whiteboard animation:

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2D Animation

The traditional way of doing things still has a charm of its own, even when there is a new way that one can explore. 2D animation is an example of just this. While 3D animation is appreciated, 2D animation still remains a popular choice for business videos as well as product explainer and product demo videos.

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It's clear, attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. First we had 3 hour movies, then 1 hour movies. First we had 60 second spots, then 30, then 20, then 10. First we had books, then we had comics, now we have tweets. Videos too, are not immune to this trend. First we had 5 minute videos, then 2 minute videos and so on. Now we have GIFs - 5 or 10 second wonders that express a lot in a short time.

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The pricing varies depending on the type of animation you choose as well as the detail required in the characters and in the background.

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