Stock Footage Videos

A great way to create a visually engaging explainer video is by using a mix of stock video footage and animation. The benefit here is that you can use have a real life feel to your video without having to incur the cost of shooting.


Zycus | Corporate

Zycus needed to create a corporate film that would given B2B customers an overview of the power of their suite of procurement transformation products. Ripple used a combination of stock footage and animated overlays to tell the story in a visually engaging way.


Datamatics BPM

Datamatics BPM, a business intelligence & demand gen firm needed to create a marketing video to show customers the power of their bespoke solutions. Ripple created an engaging video using a mix of stock footage, animated overlays & supers to bring the Datamatics story to life.



Ripple was commissioned to create a stock-footage video for start-up, Trixie. Trixie is an app that connects women with other women who have similar interests within a pre-defined radius.


EO's Retreat

Entrepreneurs Organization was planning a 4 day retreat in Iceland. Ripple used a mix of stock footage and supers to create an exciting video that would get members excited enough to sign up.

IITM Foundation

IIT (M) Foundation

IIT (M) Foundation in California was looking to raise $100 million from alumni who had done exceptionally well. Ripple Animation was commissioned to create compelling stories about successful alumni who had made it big, how IIT (M) had been a integral part of their journey and the need to give back to the institution that had been their stepping stone. This video is the story of Kittu Kolluri who was one of the first few employees at Healtheon, then went on to run and sell a tech company, became a partner at NEA, arguably the top PE firms in the US and who now runs his own fund, Neotribe Ventures. This video was sent as part of a series of newsletters and the style is a mix of live action, stock footage and animation.

Baby Natura

Baby Natura

Baby Natura had created a plant based packaged food for infants. They needed an explainer video to show why plant based foods were better than any other type of food. We used a strong narrative with stock footage to make the point.

Safety Net

Safety Net

Safety Net is an insurance company, focused on providing insurance against loss of income. Ripple was engaged to create a short video for their social channels. This video, created with stock footage, garnered high levels of engagement.