Explainer Video Portfolio

Explainer videos are among the best marketing collaterals that businesses can use for sales, as well as training. As an explainer video company, we’ve created explainer videos for hundreds of businesses and helped them gain more sales as a result.

Explainer Videos take a complicated message and simplify it by disseminating information via the auditory and visual senses simultaneously. By explaining and visually demonstrating your services, your viewer is able to retain your message better.

The viewer also saves precious time by reducing the learning curve needed to retain complicated subject matter.. You can think of explainer videos as the link between a message sent and a message received.

Check out what our raving clients consider some of our best explainer videos.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls needed to create an explainer video for the launch of their new fire detection and evacuation product, TGEN for the Australian market. Ripple used a mix of 2D animation and product shots to show the features of the product in an easy-to-understand way.

Maach7 Technologies explainer video example

Mach7 Technologies

This product explainer video shows show how medical professionals can become more effective and save time by modernizing their PACS using the MACH7 platform.



Gupshup, the premier text messaging app in India needed a B2B explainer video to show corporates the power of card based text messages. Ripple created a video which was a mix of 2D animation and screenshots to demonstrate how brands could stand out and also make the lives of their customers easier by using the Gupshup platform.

Traddle explainer video example


Ripple created a launch video for Traddle, a platform that enables commodity traders to take data driven decisions. Traddle also helps execute trades, track shipments and close payments. The explainer video was used to showcase everything that Traddle is capable of to the target audience.

Amazon Sponsored Products explainer video

Amazon | Sponsored Products

Amazon needed an explainer video to explain how sponsored products worked and how advertisers could review performance. Ripple created a video driven by 2D animation and screenshots.

Happ explainer video example


The Apollo Hospitals Group has created an app called HAPP. HAPP connects patients to doctors, diagnostic centers and path labs. Ripple created a whiteboard explainer video to show patients how they could save time and energy by using HAPP.

iConnect explainer video exampleiConnect


iConnect Resources has a path breaking software for the HR space. Ripple was tasked with creating a video that explained what the software was capable of and to explain the benefits of using it to HR Managers in large organizations.

Rhythmus software company explainer video


Rhythmus, a revolutionary teleconferencing software needed to create an explainer video that show cased all the cool features and demonstrate how the app worked. Check out this video to see what Ripple did.

Food Master app explainer video

Food Master

Food Master had created an app that helps foodies source dishes based on Master Chef recipes. Ripple was tasked with creating a teaser video. We used an interesting art style to tell the story in a fun way.

Web Master's Technology Wingold explainer video


Web Master's Technology has created a software product, Wingold, for businesses that dealt with any sort of precious metal. Ripple created a video that explained the product and its benefits, detailing what type of customers would gain by using the product and explaining what problems the product addressed.

Ozone Play 2D explainer video


Dubai based Ozone Play had created an app to help people manage and organize receipts in a digital format. Here's the 2D video that Ripple created for them.

Birla's Doctor App explainer video example

Birla Doctor App

Ripple made a 2D product explainer animation video to showcase Birla's Doctor App, which highlights how doctors could start investing and ensure a safe, financially secure retirement.

Appcino CRM explainer video example


IT firm, Appcino launched a customizable CRM that could be plugged into the Appian platform, creating unprecedented efficiencies for businesses which used Appian. Ripple created an explainer video to demonstrate the benefits of going with Appcino's CRM software.

Vodafone's IOT Pulse explainer video example

Vodafone's IOT Pulse

Vodafone had launched a new app for its employees across the world that allowed them to collaborate on IoT (Internet of Things). Ripple was tasked to create a video for the launch of this app.

Zycus Invoice Matching explainer video example

Zycus Invoice Matching

Zycus, a leader in procurement transformation, needed an explainer video to showcase how its invoice matching product worked. Ripple created an animated explainer which highlighted the problems that potential customers faced and showed how the product solved these issues.

Avantage by Aegisca explainer video example

Avantage by Aegisca

IT Company, Aegisca launched a software system to help large enterprises become more productive. Ripple's task was to help purchase managers understand how Aegisca was different from other similar tools in the market.

ETP software explainer video example


Retail software service provider ETP needed an animated explainer video which explained how their solution could help retailers become more productive. Ripple used scenarios that retailers would identify with to drive the point home.

Aegon Religare iTerm Plan explainer video example

Aegon Religare iTerm Plan

Aegon Religare had introduced a term plan that had better features than any other online plan in the market. They wanted to create a short video, which would explain the benefits. The idea was to create a simple, easy to understand explainer video which they could use on their website and landing pages.

Orbitera explainer video example


Orbitera is a cloud commerce platform. Ripple was tasked with creating a slick video to explain the services and the benefits to prospective customers.

AIO Coins explainer video example

AIO Coins

A new digital currency that would give investors exposure to the top 10 traded crypto currencies was being launched in Hong Kong. Ripple was tasked with creating an animated explainer video for the ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

BAO explainer video example


By Appointment Only (BAO) provides appointment setting services to help IT companies reach new clients. BAO’s services include in-depth research on client specific data, helping IT companies customize their pitches to prospective clients, thereby increasing the probability of success.

BAO worked with Ripple to create an animated video which demonstrated the power of their service. Preparing a winning sales pitch is very much like preparing to win a war. Ripple used a war analogy to explain BAO’s capabilities. The result: video content that is engaging and yet clearly demonstrates BAO’s core competencies.

Divergent Capital explainer video example

Divergent Capital

US and Israel based, Divergent Capital, needed to create a video which portrayed the company as approachable and one which had a clear focus on serving credit thin companies. The brief was to keep the video short, simple and snappy.

Chat n Task startup explainer video example

Chat n Task by Aegisca

We created a start up explainer video for Aegisca to show the benefits of using their new messaging service. They key was to help people understand why Chat n Task was different from other popular messaging apps.

Imaginatik explainer video example


Imaginatik focuses on stimulating sustained innovation at large, established global corporates. Ripple was tasked to explain what Imaginatik does and why it is useful to enterprises.

Sironix explainer video example


PE Funded, Sironix, a large player in the surgical equipment manufacturing space needed an explainer video which showed how its product would be used in a surgery. We had to go the animated route to avoid showing any blood and gore. This animated video was widely used by doctors to show patients what the surgery entailed.

AD2C explainer video example


AD2C is a mobile marketing platform. Their objective was to get clients to understand that every segment of society uses cell phones and brands need to figure out ways in which they can engage with their clients using mobiles as a platform.

Pitstop explainer video example


Having to get your car serviced, or God forbid, repaired, is a royal pain in the 'you know where'. It is not 'happening' at all. But now Pitstop, a new app which provides you with links to all authorised service centres and great rates, makes it easy. Pitstop’s formula is so simple and cool that getting your car fixed is like music to your ears. To understand how the app works take a look at The Pitstop Rap. A cool film created by Ripple Animation for a cool app.

Princeton Blue explainer video example

Princeton Blue

Princeton Blue has created a software tool that helps corporates manage interactions with their customers across several channels. The tool analyzes customer emotions - positive, neutral, negative- and helps clients retain their customers by alerting them to potential issues. Ripple created an explainer video which showed B2B clients exactly what the tool was capable of.

Mahindra First Choice Services explainer video example

Mahindra First Choice Services

Mahindra First Choice Services had launched a new product called the 'cardentestimator' on its website. We created a short video which explained the benefits of using the estimator. The video was used as a campaign video on digital.

EandY, Advisory Knowledge Video explainer video example

E&Y, Advisory Knowledge Video

Ernst & Young needed to get its employees to contribute to and learn from its internal knowledge center. The idea being that the firm could become more efficient through shared learning. Ripple was commissioned to create a video to get this point across to the firm's consultants.