2D Animation

2D animated videos are a convenient, popular and cost effective way to tell your story, create awareness, explain a product or service, educate consumers, do demos, train people, engage with your audiences and even disseminate domain expertise and case studies. 2D animation represents characters and situations in a 2 dimensional context instead of the three dimensional manner we are used to seeing in real life.

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Who should seek 2D animation videos?

2D animation is a great technique to explain your company, product or service directly or, better still, to weave a story around it. As people read less and watch more, creating video content that helps your business grow becomes a necessity. Shooting live action can be expensive & time consuming. 2D animation provides a great alternative to live action shoots. You can create as many characters and scenes as you like without increasing costs significantly. In that sense, it is not limiting in terms of storytelling like live action shooting can be. In live action videos, as you increase the number of locations or characters and the time it takes to shoot, your costs increase dramatically. You may ask, why not go for 3D animation, since it has a more 'real' feel? 3D animation is great if you have the luxury of time and large budgets. 3D animation is far more resource intensive than 2D animation. We have found that engagement, especially as far as business videos is concerned, has not increased significantly when 3D animation is used instead of 2D. But the cost to create 3D animation is far higher than 2D and does not justify the ROI in most cases.

Benefits of 2D animation videos

2D animated videos, if created well, are engaging, effective, budget friendly and impactful. Just ensure that your scripts are strong, the visualization is on brand and that the animation itself is done well. The voice over, music and sound effects go a long way in connecting emotionally with the viewer.