Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard is a simple and popular animation technique used by brands across the world. Whiteboard animation videos are both cute, as well as creative since you see the images being drawn out as the narrative takes place. In a sense, you can see the words and background music come to life as the visual is constructed before your eyes.
Most of us are familiar with whiteboard animation because many of us grew up with whiteboards in the classroom. Since the brain is used to receiving messages in this manner it retains information better.

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Whiteboard explainer video describing how life insurance works and the ideal policy for covering your family
Who should seek whiteboard animation?

If you need an innovative way to explain your product, whiteboard animation could well be the answer. Whiteboard explainer videos work well for those who need to explain a complicated technique or show a product demo in an interesting way. Whiteboard videos also work well when you need to help viewers weigh the odds or make a comparison.

Whether it’s creating a how-to video or just telling a story in a new way, whiteboard animation can be the answer for you. Use whiteboard animation at your next board meeting, vlog post, or trade show to help advertise your brand and inform your customers in a creative manner.

Benefits of whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation gives the viewer the chance to see an idea come to life. This technique makes the viewer feel that he is part of the process and helps create a strong emotional connection. In fact, whiteboard animation can trigger mirror neurons to fire, helping viewers absorb information easily. Whiteboard essentially allows your viewers to learn through imitation, even though they are not physically involved in the task.

Whiteboard animation can also engage viewers at a deeper level than many other video techniques because there is usually constant and quick action on the screen. This action tends to grip the viewer and makes him feel that he needs to keep his eyes peeled to the video, so as not to miss a single moment. The product your videos is about is no longer just yours, your viewer too becomes invested in what you’re offering.

More benefits include...

Tell Your Story Through Video

Whiteboard animation is one of the most popular animation tools used by brands across the world. If you’re interested in learning more about our business or whiteboard animation, tell us about your business in the form below and we’ll help you get started!