Product and App Demo Videos

Demo videos and app demo videos demonstrate how your product or service works and where possible, highlights the benefits of using your solution. Many clients are now also choosing to create videos for internal policies, structures and plans, in addition to demo videos they are creating for their prospects and customers.

Amazon Sponsored Products product demo video

Amazon | Sponsored Products

Amazon needed an explainer video to explain how sponsored products worked and how advertisers could review performance. Ripple created a video driven by 2D animation and screenshots.

Trixie product demo video


Ripple was commissioned to create a stock-footage video for start-up, Trixie. Trixie is an app that connects women with other women who have similar interests within a pre-defined radius.

Rhythmus software product demo video


Rhythmus, a revolutionary teleconferencing software needed to create an explainer video that show cased all the cool features and demonstrate how the app worked. Check out this video to see what Ripple did.



Gupshup, the premier text messaging app in India needed a B2B explainer video to show corporates the power of card based text messages. Ripple created a video which was a mix of 2D animation and screenshots to demonstrate how brands could stand out and also make the lives of their customers easier by using the Gupshup platform.

Appcino product demo video


IT firm, Appcino launched a customizable CRM that could be plugged into the Appian platform, creating unprecedented efficiencies for businesses which used Appian. Ripple created an explainer video to demonstrate the benefits of going with Appcino's CRM software.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls needed to create an explainer video for the launch of their new fire detection and evacuation product, TGEN for the Australian market. Ripple used a mix of 2D animation and product shots to show the features of the product in an easy-to-understand way.

Sironix product demo video


PE Funded, Sironix, a large player in the surgical equipment manufacturing space needed an explainer video which showed how its product would be used in a surgery. We had to go the animated route to avoid showing any blood and gore. This animated video was widely used by doctors to show patients what the surgery entailed.

Cash App

Cash App

Gaming company, American Cardroom needed to demonstrate how players could transfer cash to American Cardroom from their bitcoin account. Ripple created a whiteboard explainer video to visually show each step of the process using one character & animated screenshots.

ETP product demo video


Retail software service provider ETP needed an animated explainer video which explained how their solution could help retailers become more productive. Ripple used scenarios that retailers would identify with to drive the point home.

Mahindra First Choice product demo video

Mahindra First Choice

Mahindra First Choice Services had launched a new product called the 'cardentestimator' on its website. We created a short video which explained the benefits of using the estimator. The video was used as a campaign video on digital.

Vodafone's IOT Pulse product demo video

Vodafone's IOT Pulse

Vodafone had launched a new app for its employees across the world that allowed them to collaborate on IoT (Internet of Things). Ripple was tasked to create a video for the launch of this app.

Princeton Blue product demo video

Princeton Blue

Princeton Blue has created a software tool that helps corporates manage interactions with their customers across several channels. The tool analyzes customer emotions - positive, neutral, negative- and helps clients retain their customers by alerting them to potential issues. Ripple created an explainer video which showed B2B clients exactly what the tool was capable of.

Hewlett Packard product demo video

Hewlett Packard

HP needed a series of explainer videos which would help HP distributors sell more effectively given the proliferation of low cost competitors in the market. Ripple created whiteboard sales enablement videos to show how HP was innovating for customers based on their needs, something that others were not in a position to do. We also included how the industry was changing and how HP was able to respond to these changes quickly and effectively.

WishnDone product demo video


Start up, WishnDone, had created an app for service providers and service seekers within communities to discover each other. Wishndone is an aggregator that connects service providers like baby sitters, plumbers, carpenters etc. to service seekers. Ripple Animation created an app demo video to showcase how the app worked.