What Are Corporate Videos?

Corporate videos usually describe or introduce a company. These videos are useful to explain company philosophy, development processes, working strategies and even to showcase CSR activities or the history of the company.

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Who should seek corporate videos?

Corporate videos are a great way to engage with key stakeholders. These could be employees, partners, clients, vendors, shareholders and even regulators. Companies create different videos depending on which set of stakeholders they need to address. The main focus of the explainer video also changes depending on what needs to be conveyed. So for example, if the company is speaking to clients, the messaging could be around showcasing credibility, knowledge, products, employee strength and sustainability initiatives. If the target audience is employees, the messaging could be around the philosophy of the company or processes that need to followed.

When creating a corporate video, it's important to think about who you're speaking to, what you want to get across and to think about how you'll get that across in the most creative/memorable way. Your corporate video could be shot live, animated or you could use stock footage.

Benefits of corporate videos

Corporate videos are a great way to engage with stakeholders who are important to your organization. They can help people understand your values, mission, history, industry, strategy, structure and also showcase your offices/plants and key employees. In today's day of digital, be sure to include a call to action in your corporate video.

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