What Are Demo Videos?

Demo videos show exactly how your product works. If you have a website or app, you can used animated screen shots to demonstrate your offering. If you have a physical product, then images and videos of the product-in-use can be used to show how it works. Demo videos also clearly convey your value proposition.

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Who should seek demo videos?

Demos videos can be used to help your customers or employees understand how your product works. You may want to showcase the ease-of-use or your cool features. Demo videos are also used for training purposes.

Benefits of using demo videos

Well done demo videos show exactly how a product functions and highlights benefits. If you’re speaking to a potential customer, he can visually see the product before he buys it, almost like a try-before-you-buy. Many companies also use demo videos as part of their welcome or onboarding kits. Demo video are also likely to help you stand out from your competitors and better communicate your value proposition clearly. Demo videos are also great training tools as they provide standardized training and people can watch them multiple times, if needed.

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