What Are Case Study Videos?

Case study videos show how you have transformed your customers' world. These explainer videos are a great way to showcase work that you have done in various industry verticals, how your product or service works and how it has improved processes, business, ROI, efficiency or work life. Case studies help potential customers understand the value your company brings to the table.

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Who should create case study videos?

Any company which has solved problems for their customers or made life simpler/easier/more efficient should have case study videos. The best way to convince a potential customer to use your product or service is by explaining to them how they would benefit by using your services.

Benefits of case study videos

Case study videos help establish credibility, especially if you have worked with well known brands that people recognize. It's important that your case study videos are well scripted, well visualized and engaging. Keep them as short as possible since attention spans are fast shrinking. Having said that, if your audience is a niche one and is looking for the type of solution you provide, they may give you more time to explain what you do and how others have found it useful. You can gauge how much time people are likely to spend watching your explainer video based on where your customers are in the sales funnel. The further down they are, the more likely they are to watch a longer explainer video.

Tell Your Story

Case study videos are used extensively by companies across the world. If you’re interested in learning more about our business or case study videos, tell us about your business in the form below and we’ll help you get started!