What Are Sales Enablement Videos?

The current trend is towards reading less and watching more. Attention spans have shrunk and people are stretched for time. Explainer videos enable learning more quickly as compared to text or image based learning since multiple pieces of information can be disseminated simultaneously via visual and sound.

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Who should seek sales enablement videos?

If your company has several sales people, distributors or resellers, you need sales enablement videos. Even if you have a small sales team, it’s a good idea to provide them with explainer videos instead of text or image based content.

These videos will help you:

Research has shown that sales enablement videos are likely to help your sales force convert leads more effectively than text or image based training.

Benefits of sales enablement videos

These sales enablement videos help you standardize the information you disseminate and train people any time you need to. They also help your sales people absorb information better, engage with the content better and refer to your content easily enabling them to sell better.

From creating explainer videos for different products and how to sell these products to how to deal with irate customers or how to convert customers making a buying decision, explainer videos can help increase ROI.

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