What Are IT Explainer Videos?

IT explainer videos are videos that are created specifically for companies in the IT sector. These videos usually explain an IT firm’s product or service in a simple manner. Explainer videos are a great tool to simplify complex information and help audiences retain information. IT explainer videos are usually 2D animation videos or whiteboard animation videos. Screen shot demo videos are also a popular form of explainer videos in the IT space.

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Who should seek IT explainer videos?

All tech companies should create IT explainer videos. SAAS explainer videos, screenshot demo videos, app demo videos, website demo videos, animated product benefit video and key feature videos are popular among IT companies. These videos can be used at various points in your buyer’s journey to convert more effectively.

Benefits of IT explainer videos

IT explainer videos help potential clients become aware of your offering, understand the key benefits and help them make buying decisions. IT explainer videos are also a great tool when you onboard customers to get them to understand how to use and get the best out of your product. Distributors and sales teams can be shown effective ways to sell your product or service through IT explainer videos that they can easily understand and absorb.

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